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Amplifies White Jade Orchid's soul purifying scent by stream distillation

kimature is a famous Hong Kong-based, neo-oriental natural skincare, personal care, body fragrance brand founded in 2015. 

The World 1st Authentic White Jade Orchid Fragrance, Body Care & Beauty Collection, not found elsewhere in the market. 

The White Jade Orchid is a local favourite tropical flower in Hong Kong and that many ethnic Chinese and Asians associate positive emotions and even childhood memories with the scent.

地球の歩き方 (2 Jan 2019) 


ハルカナharukana   (22 Nov 2019) 


以白蘭花安睡 . 瑜伽 . 冥想 . 打坐系列、白蘭花茶、配合聲療 / 身心靈修養 / 藝術療癒,聯繫視、味、嗅、聽、觸、靈六感,回歸內在,尋回初心,直指本心,更新自己,重新與環境及他人和諧連繫,重拾內心喜悅。

聲療 / 身心靈修養 / 藝術療癒 / 白蘭花概念工作坊詳情 : 請點入查看      

1對1私人聲療詳情 :  請點入查看                              

特色瑜伽小班詳情 :  請點入查看

聲療培訓班詳情 : 請點入查看

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"I was given several products to try and particularly like the White Jade Orchid Eau Fraiche and the Brightening Nutrient Mist which has an amazing fragrance! I spray the Mist on my face first and then some more into my hands and deeply inhale the scent before patting the liquid into my skin. I was intrigued by the light textures of the skin care products – the Multi-Functional Lotion is very liquid (almost like a gel toner, but with a milky colour) and feels very fresh on the skin."

(From a German journalist: https://trend-traveller.com/2018/01/01/brand-profile-kimature/) 

"My scent memory very clearly retains the olfactory image of an amazing, unique, sweet, aromatic and voluptuous (yet not cloying) fragrance as it lingered in the hot and humid sub-tropical night. I love the scent of champaca blossoms"  

(From a German journalist: https://trend-traveller.com/2018/01/01/brand-profile-kimature/) 

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White Jade Orchid is the white flower with spear shaped petals, exude an alluring incredibly unique exotic aroma, which smell like a sweet, floral, fruity champagne. The main constituent Linalool, well known for easing worry and tension in both the mind and body, rejuvenate energy, inspire spiritual growth. The flower symbolizes great love, purity, peace, renewal and perseverance. Ginger Lily grows along waterside on the plains. A white blanket of Ginger Lily in the wild makes the air fresh and crisp. All the fidget, fatigue and weariness built up in the day just vanish into the air. In terms of aromatherapy, the scent of Ginger Lily is said to be conducive to meditation and relaxation as well as promoting restful sleep.

The coronavirus COVID-19 still exist in the world and we wish you Good Health!

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Interviewed by Chinese Celebrity – Dodo Cheng on 17th January 2018

Radio Programme - 881903.com When I Was Young I Listen To The Radio

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The 1st White Jade Orchid Eau Fraiche (Limited Edition) & Solid Perfume in HK.

All kimature products are 100% vegan and alcohol-free and, of course, not tested on animals and made in Hong Kong.

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HK Special Local Souvenirs

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Reach more than 400,000 people in social media after launching within 2 weeks and kimature products become city’s hot topic. 

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kimature use White Jade Orchid (Magnolia x Alba) and other oriental flowers for production as starting point to promote an earthy-friendly lifestyle, traditional Chinese herbal culture and HK local childhood story and common memories.

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